Megan O’Boyle, BA
Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee

Meghan O’Boyle is a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee and under the supervision of Jenny Palmiotto.  She is currently finishing her master’s degree at National University.  She received her undergraduate degree from Assumption College in Social and Rehabilitation Services.  Currently, she is completing her certification in Relationship Development Intervention, a developmental approach to autism that supports families in strengthening their guiding relationship with their child with ASD. Meghan is caring, compassionate and empathic.  She believes change begins with a strong therapeutic alliance, therefore works to ensure the client feels safe and accepted.  She is also a strong believer in the opportunities for growth that peer support can foster and therefore enjoys being the facilitator and witness to this growth.

img_jenny-palmiottoJenny Palmiotto, LMFT
Clinical Director Of One Day Tomorrow
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Jenny is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified RDI program consultant. She provides clinical supervision and case management to all clients served at One Day Tomorrow. She graciously donates her time for supervision of therapists in training. She is an attachment-oriented therapist that has extensive training in treating family systems including specializing in the caregiver to those on the autism spectrum. She is committed to seeing growth for each member of the family.

Board of Directors

Jenny Palmiotto, LMFT
Elizabeth Rumley, MA, Counseling Psychology, BSN, RN
Kelley Miles, MN, ACNP-BC
Erinn Benziger Weiswaser, BA
Shira Bicknell, BA