Currently there are over 65.7 million “informal” or “family” caregivers in the United States. Eighty-three percent of family caregivers provide care without compensation for more than 20 hours per week and a number of family caregivers supply around the clock care for their loved one(s). Family caregivers frequently experience high levels of stress and are required to administer care that they are not prepared to provide. Research has noted the physical and emotional impact on caregivers—a term coined “caregiver burden”—that can result in increased illness and shortened lifespan of the caregivers themselves.

We believe that caregivers need and deserve the highest level of support. We specialize in caring for those who care—we provide continuing support for all family caregivers—those supporting a loved one who is diagnosed with dementia, cancer, spectrum disorder, or other chronic or terminal diagnoses.

One Day Tomorrow provides ongoing, collaborative support for caregivers through counseling, education, and resources. Our goal is to increase health, stability, and hope for those that give selflessly to their loved ones. We are here to help caregivers catch their breath and find a moment to care for themselves, despite the many emotional, financial and physical demands of providing care for their loved one. Be part of One Day Tomorrow—a brighter future for family caregivers.


Your donation to One Day Tomorrow supports direct services designed to assist family caregivers in finding the strength they need to provide ongoing care to their loved one. Donations to One Day Tomorrow are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, we know that there are endless options for your charitable contributions. Thank you for joining us in our mission at One Day Tomorrow. Please Donate!

How to Donate

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Other Ways to Donate

Donate Airline Miles
Some of the bigger not for profits have paired with airlines, yet we are just not that big. Yet, if you have airline miles that you would like to donate that will purchase tickets for our inspiring speakers for Love and Autism: A conference with Heart, please email or call and we would be happy to help you make this generous donation.

Donate Auction Items
We are excitedly planning our event with silence auction for the fall of 2014.  Dazzle us with your creativity, donate items large and small. We are new to all of this  and your donations matter greatly to our success.  TBD for our first event. We will gladly pick up any auction item and provide you with a fair-market value receipt for your tax-exempt donation.

Donate Items, Services, or Volunteer
Please call or email if you want to contribute to our daily operations by volunteering or by donating materials, supplies or services.