About Our Name

At the core a care-giver always has hope, faith and a dreams for their loved one. Each caregiver has a belief that ONE DAY TOMORROW there is a brighter future. We, at One Day Tomorrow, want to be part of this brighter future and this entails helping the caregiver remain healthy and able to stay committed to their loved one or professional pursuit.

One Day Tomorrow was inspired and cultivated over the course of ongoing conversations about the burdens of caregiving and the sacrifices caregivers make.

Our Story

Throughout twenty years of friendship, One Day Tomorrow founding members—Jenny Palmiotto, LMFT, Elizabeth Rumley, RN, Kelley Miles, Erinn Weiswaser , BA and Shira Bicknell, BA have shared many of life’s most beautiful and most difficult moments. Each of their individual life experiences ignited a collective passion and commitment to supporting caregivers. One Day Tomorrow was inspired and cultivated over the course of ongoing conversations about the burdens of caregiving and the sacrifices caregivers make. Each founding member has brought unique personal and professional perspectives to this beautiful venture. Below is a brief look into each of the founding member’s personal inspirations:

Jenny is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who guides and supports parents who are raising children diagnosed with autism. On a daily basis, she sees parents pour their emotional, financial and physical energy into their children out of deep love and commitment. These parents (caregivers) frequently report that self-care “feels like an unrealistic or even selfish aspiration.” Consequently, they attend to their children selflessly until they have nothing left to give to their child, their relationships, or themselves. In contrast, Jenny has noticed that when caregivers find the emotional space to care for themselves even while nurturing a child, the entire family grows happier and healthier.

Elizabeth became a caregiver after a dear friend suffered a spinal cord injury. This unexpectedly put her on a path to becoming an RN, and now she cares for patients with severe burns. From this experience, she has realized that a burn patient’s slow, painful and delicate rehabilitation depends on the skill and commitment of caregivers. Caring for the caregiver is as important as care for the patient throughout the healing process.

Kelley, an Emergency Room RN, spoke of the grief and ‘crisis functioning’ she sees when parents or adult children are thrust into the role of caregiver by a family member’s trauma or illness. Family members rush to care for injured loved-ones while struggling not to short-change their other responsibilities.

When Erinn’s father was diagnosed with cancer, the whole family turned to support him, with Erinn’s mother leading the care. Her father emerged as a model for caregivers by drawing on his personal strength and coping skills to care for himself. Today he is cancer-free and is an inspiration to the board of how mindful attention to oneself promotes health.

Shira has volunteered as a caregiver to the elderly since 1999 providing assistance to seniors so that they may remain independent in their own homes.  From her years of experience helping seniors, Shira understands how important caregivers are to the physical and spiritual health of those in need.  She also has experienced that caregiving for another person can be satisfying, but it can also be an exhausting and thankless job.   She is thrilled to be part of One Day Tomorrow and their effort to provide support to caregivers.

In response to each of the personalized experiences, these women realized one thing—at the core of each caregiver, there is always hope, faith, and dreams for their loved one and for themselves. Each caregiver has a belief that ONE DAY TOMORROW there is a brighter future.